Holistic Child Development

To Help & Support for Holistic Developement of Children  

Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future

-John F.Kennedy


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Mission : To Help & Support Holistic Development of Children.


Holistic Development - [ Integrate: SQ + EQ + IQ + PQ = True Knowledge ]

Physical Intelligence: Wise nutrition, Consistence balance exercises, Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and preventing. 

 Mental intelligent: Continuous, systematic, disciplined study and education Cultivation of self awareness, learning by teaching and doing. 

Emotional intelligent: Self awareness, Personal motivation, Self regulation, Empathy, Social skill.

Spiritual Intelligence: Integrity ( Character building ) ,Meaning ( Purpose of life ),Voice( Self Enlightenment and motivate to other )  .


       This is a learning community for promotion of Holistic development of children with support of parents, teachers & friends. It serves as a larger family in which everyone care, love & understand uniqueness and creativity of individual child.


        To facilitate a free and open environment where natural intelligence of children is encouraged & developed.

        To help children transform their natural curiosity into a strong inner discipline and motivation.

        To help each child to integrate with the natural world by arousing their curiosity & encourage them to love and nurture the earth and its creatures.

        To develop of a sense of responsibility through participation in the ordinary life activities like cleaning, cooking, gardening & house maintenance.

        To encourage questions and think for themselves, and to give feedback to the teachers, parents & friends thereby taking responsibility for their own learning.



Ajay Singh Niranjan, B.Tech. IIT Roorkee

Counselor & Consultant-Education, HRD & Training

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