Holistic Child Development

To Help & Support for Holistic Developement of Children  

Holistic Child Development School Model .

 "A school is a place where one learns both the importance of knowledge and its irrelevance. It is a place where one learns to observe the world without a particular point of view or conclusion. One learns to look at the whole of man's endeavor, his search for beauty, his search for truth and a way of living that is not a contradiction between conclusion and action. It is a place where both teacher and the taught learn a way of life in which conflict ends." J. Krishnamurti


We invite you to join us on this learning endeavor.


Project A: To design, develop & Start a school for slow learning children.


Project B: To Design, develop & start a school for children (based on learning by doing, living, playing, singing, laughing, dancing, meditating, caring, interacting, observing, listening, questioning, sharing & loving).




Project C: To design, develop & start a school at rural area for holistic child development.