Holistic Child Development

To Help & Support for Holistic Developement of Children  

Family & Festival Poems


*       Happy New Year:a message of Change for spreading true Knowledge,Love & Happiness


*       Republic Day–a Message of Freedom & Responsibility and Truth & Justice –a Poem



*       Every child is a Natural Teacher – My Innovative poem


*       MY Sweet Poem--A True Vision of a Mother and a Divine Child


*       A True Vision of a Father and a Divine Child - My Poetic Management Insight


*       A Visionary Teacher for Youth – A Hearty Prayer - My Poetic Insight



*       Raksha Bandhan–a message of expansion,commitment and integration–My hearty poem


*       Independence day – A message of freedom – My poetic tribute


*       Ma Durga – Our Universal Mother – My Technical Prayer


*       Deepawali –a True Message of Self–Enlightenment – A Scientific Prayer


*       A True Vision of love --- my beautiful poem for humanity


*       Christ consciousness-a messenger of universal principle–Love,Truth&Joyous giving